The Matix Polo by Made it Pattterns

I mentioned before that I already made another Matrix Polo by Made It patterns. I really like the pattern, it's a polo but with a fun twist, a few fun twists. I made it for my oldest. I don't know why I don't sew more for him, he is the one who appreciates it the most.

Kid Approved is Now Coffee + Thread!

I have considered changing the blog name for a while now. When I chose Kid Approved three long years ago, it fit perfectly with what I was doing at the time. I sewed exclusively for my children. My goal was to make things that were a bit different, perhaps fashion forward, yet still practical and comfortable, in other words things that I liked but that were also approved by my children. For the most part, I succeeded. They all love when I sew for them. But my interests have broadened and evolved with time.

Made It Patterns Tour

I am taking part in Made It Patterns fashion show for their newest collection release. When I received an email from Olu asking bloggers for their interest in the tour of the up-coming patterns collection, I was intrigued. Olu posted a few sneak peaks of the collection on IG and the Pocket Fold Skirt caught my eye. It's such a unique design! I chose the Matrix Polo to go with the skirt and I love the final results.

Not Just a Sunsuit Pattern Tour

I am part of the pattern tour for the Paneled Sunsuit by Call Ajaire. This is Ajaire's first pattern and I was happy she sent it to me. She was probably the first blogger I interacted when I started blogging, which means we go way back in the blogging world. The pattern was easy to work with - all the necessary notches were there, and the instructions were very easy to follow.

Selfish Sewing, a McCalls Pattern

Recently I had an impromptu vacation to California. My sister, who lives in Switzerland, was on business trip in New Zealand and was flying back home through Los Angeles. It was her idea for us to spend a few days in the area. I was doubtful it would actually happen, many things had to fall in place and I didn't really get excited until I landed in LA. But just in case I made myself a dress, because you need a new dress when going on vacation. Right?

Alice in the Wonderland Inspired

My wonderful friend Sara of Made by Sara  organized a very special event on her blog - a celebration of 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland. I am among many bloggers participating.

A Bambi Dress

A while ago my friend An from Straight Grain posted a dress that I knew Ania would absolutely love. The fabric was the cutest. I immediately clicked on the link to the shop, Bambiblauw, and after navigating it for about half an hour (it's in Dutch) I reached the checked out only to discover that they didn't ship to the United States. Sigh. My next step involved extensive whining and complaining to An, and she graciously offered to get it for me. So not only she is the coolest blogger with the impeccable sense of style, she is also kind and giving. Yep, an impossibly high standard to reach. I am good at whining. (hey, it worked). :) :)