The Nina Blouse Pattern Tour, Day 6

I love how different and fun the Nina blouses are today! If you've never used any of Coffee&Thread patterns, this is a good time to try! Take 20% off your total purchase with the 'Ninapatterntour' discount code.

First up is Barbara of Lilliepawillie who is originally from Belgium, but they moved to the US about a year and a half ago. And recently they have moved again, this time to Trinidad & Tobago! I am in love with her Nina, it has such cool Caribbean vibe! I can't wait to see more. Go here!

The Nina Blouse Pattern Tour, Day 5

More wonderful Nina blouses for you today! Use 'Ninapatterntour' code to get 20% off your total purchase. Shop here.

First up is Qwinta of Larth. I love everything she makes. Qwinta has such great taste and her daughter is such a fun model! See more pictures here.

The Nina Blouse Tour, Day 4

More beautiful Ninas today! I love all the Nina blouses and can't' wait to see more pictures!  Way to go ladies! Don't forget to get 20% off your total purchase with the NINAPATTERNTOUR code.

I am pretty sure Courtney of Sweeter than Cupcake has been blogging as long as I have been. I first discovered her blog years ago when we both tested the same pattern. Our oldest daughters are similar in age. I love Courtney's style, very classic and sweet, but not too sugary. How gorgeous is her Nina, go here for more pictures.

The Nina Blouse Pattern Tour, Day 3

Today is the third day of the Nina pattern tour, and all the Ninas are amazing. Can't wait to see more! Get 20% off your total purchase at Coffee &Thread store with the NINAPATTERNTOUR discount code. And thank you Claudia of for organizing such an amazing tour!

First up is lovely Rita from The Bag of Unexpected. Last year (or was it two years ago) Rita's family traveled around the world for the whole year. How awesome is that! She seems like such a fun and friendly person. I hope to meet her in person one day! Love the Nina blouse she made! See more here. 

The Nia Blouse Pattern Tour, Day 2

I am so excited to show all the Ninas today! Don't forget to use the NINAPATTERNTOUR code to get 20% off your entire order. Shop HERE.

I love everything Sofie of Zijkant makes, she has such great taste! I gasped when I saw this version.  I am so in love with this remix! I am so copying it! So gorgeous and unexpected! See more here, she also promised a tutorial explaining how she did it! 

The Nina Blouse Tour, Day 1

I am excited to introduce the Nina blouse pattern tour! When the pattern was in testing, Claudia of asked me if I was planning to do the pattern tour. I wasn't going to since it takes quite a bit of time to plan and I was swamped with work and other obligations. She kindly offered to organize it for me. How nice is that! She also asked the most talented ladies to participate. Yeah! and of course no tour is without the sale! Get 20% off the total purchase with NINAPATTERNTOUR.

The Catherine Cardigan Turned Dress by Sewpony

It's my turn on the Catherine cardigan tour. You can purchase the pattern here, use the CATHERINE15 code to get a 15% discount. I really like the design of the cardigan and was happy to be invited to the tour. However both of my girls have plenty of cardigans for now. My youngest is obsessed with dresses. What a sewing mother to do, turn the cardigan into a dress, of course.