SImplicity 1109 Review

A while ago I was at Joann's for something benign like thread, and of course I had to look at fabric. I didn't really need any fabric, but you know how that goes. I stumbled across this awesome geometric print in the clearance section. It was also 50% off. Clearly, the Universe wanted me to buy it.  I think it's some sort of upholstery fabric, but it behaves similar to neoprene.

The Verona Dress

Ania had first grade literacy night at school. She brought a letter home a few days before the event that had all the information about the event, and also mentioned that since this is a celebration of their achievements, they need to dress up and look spiffy for the event. I asked Ania what she would like to wear. She led me to her closet, looked through all dresses, crinkled her nose and declared, "I have nothing to wear. You need to make me a new dress!" You've got some nerve, girlfriend was my first thought. But then I also thought, that she probably would not be asking for a long time and that I need to do it while she still wants to wear my makes. So she got a new dress.

The Ania Tunic Tester Pictures Round Up

I am so excited to share pictures of the Ania tunic from my wonderful testers. The pattern is still on sale for $6.00 only! It will become your child's wardrobe staple. Grab it here.

The Ania Tunic Release

I am so excited to release the Ania tunic today! It's such a versatile pattern, and I can't wait to share all the tester photos with you. There are so many gorgeous versions!  The pattern is on sale for only $6.00, get your copy HERE 

The Eleena Dress

When I was working on the Eleena dress pattern, I made a few samples to check for fit and most of them were never finished. A few were in particularly ugly fabrics, but this one I actually really liked.

Simplicity 1322 Review

During her last visit, my sister endured fabric shopping with me. We found a large remnant that she liked and I promised to make her a skirt. A couple months later I had a chance to visit her in Geneva, Switzerland. I had to make a skirt partly because of my promise, and partly because I wanted to take blog pictures in Geneva, rather than our sprawling suburbia. :) 

Radiograph Fabric Tour

Audrey of Skirt Fixation asked met to participate in her fabric tour. She made my Eleena dress with the fabric and I fell in love with it. The fabric is even more beautiful in real life, there is certain depth and dimension to it. I chose organic interlock and was pleasantly surprised by the great quality of the fabric. It's really superb, nice to touch, nice stretch recovery and not too thick. I highly recommend it! You can purchase the fabric here.  It's printed on demand and you can choose the type of fabric you want. The variety is really great, check it out here!