Burda Oversized Sweater

I have very mixed feelings about this make. The over sized fashion seems to be on trend and has been dominating my IG feed for over a year now. I was never a huge fan, some things I like, other things not at all. I think it can look beautiful and people can pull it off well. I am not one of those people. I came to believe that it helps to have broader shoulders and and narrow hips to really look good. I don't have either. I am tall, but my shoulders are narrow and I am more of a pear shape. So what possessed me to make a decidedly oversized sweater? I think mostly curiosity.

The Polina Dress from the Testers.

The Polina dress has been released and is on sale through March 21st. Get it HERE for only $7.00! Join the FB group to get an additional 10% discount code.

The Polina Dress Pattern Release

I am excited to announce the Polina Dress pattern release! To purchase the pattern go HERE, the pattern is on sale through Tuesday, March 21st. To get extra 10% join the Coffee+Thread Facebook group to get a special code.  Scroll down for the giveaway.

The Ila Dress

Last summer on my trip to Ukraine I came across a super cool fabric store. I wasn't looking to purchase any fabric while I was there. Of course I visited every fabric store I knew about, but most of them carried super fancy Italian goodness that was out of my price range. I did drool over it but had enough sense in me not to part with my money. Most Ukrainians who sew make garments. Quilting is not very known or popular. The typical quilting cotton so abundant here is called American cotton there and is not widely available. But there is all sorts of garment fabric to choose from.

The Ila Dress from the Testers

The Ila dress is here and on sale! Purchase HERE. Today, I will be showing all the pattern versions that my wonderful testers sewed up!

The Block Party with Petit a Petit Patterns

It's my turn for the Petit a Petit patterns tour, the block party. So many other uber talented bloggers are participating! I am honored to be in such great company. Celina's patterns are really well made. They are as good as it gets. She has great instructions and finishing techniques as well. If you are looking for quality patterns, check them out!

The Ila Dress Testing

Looking for awesome seamstresses (sewists?) to test the Ila dress pattern. Go HERE to sign up!