Bell Shaped Top

Before our trip to Ukraine, I went shopping for something that would go with skinny jeans or pencil skirts, something that would be easy to wear, be trendy and a bit oversized. I also wanted it to be white. I tried a few things, and found one top that I really like, but it was something like $150.00 and I wasn't willing to spend that much. So what does any self respecting seamstress do? Make one, of course. Here is a question I have for you, would you like it as a pattern? (Join the Facebook group if you wish for discussions and pictures of upcoming patterns.]

The shirt is bell shaped with low high hem and bell shaped sleeves that also have a slight low high hem.

The wide hem is finished with a facing, the sleeve hems are also finished with a facing. The technique makes it possible to have a really wide hem and also play with contrasting/complimenting fabrics. 

The shirt is easy to make and is beginner friendly. There are no closures either. 

The skirt is a Burda pattern that I made a few years ago. The original post is here

Any interest in the pattern to make a shirt like that? Let me know! 


  1. I really like this top! (And I am very curious about the fabric you used.) You look so good!

  2. Um...YES!!!!! I love it! So chic yet easy to wear. And that skirt is amazing!!

  3. Yes please! Always after a simple but perfect-fitting top with the right design details. Love it!

  4. Gorgeous outfit! I love hem facings!

  5. Oh Olga, you always look amazing :) What is your secret? The outfit is gorgeous.

  6. Yes, please....really love the style and simplicity


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