Summer Dresses

My youngest requested a new dress, and then my oldest declared that she would like one too. It was a bit of a surprised since she doesn't like wearing dresses. I decided I better oblige before she changes her mind. They both love their new dresses. If you have a child who is not into wearing dresses, do try my Eleena pattern. It's so pretty yet super comfy to wear. If you make in in super soft double gauze like I did, it becomes secret pjs.

The Nina Blouse Pattern as a Dress

I always thought I would have a girl who is into wearing dresses, because I always loved dresses. Of course, I got Ania who would be just fine if she never had to wear a dress in her life. By the time I was pregnant with Evelyn, I thought with two brothers and a tomboy sister, there is no way she will be into girly things. I was wrong. The child loves dresses and wears one every single day. So I knew if I wanted her to wear my new pattern, The Nina Blouse, I'd better turn it into a dress.

Ottobre Shirt 4/2016 Issue

I bought the monster fabric years ago, It's by Paapi design and I am not sure if it's available any longer. I couldn't resist the monsters. Aren't they the cutest ever. At the time it was sold out pretty quickly and was only available in purple, so it was meant for little Ania.

The Nina Pattern Tour, Day 8

Today is the last day of the Nina pattern tour. I enjoy immensely seeing different versions of my patterns. I love how something that was born in my head transforms into so many unique and beautiful creations. It can be challenging to have your own business, but this is what makes me want to do more and work harder. I love the creative aspect. Ok, now more practical matters, take 20% off your total purchase with Ninapatterntour discount code. It expires today at midnight, Central time. Shop here. 

Toya of Made by Toya is an incredibly talented and creative person. Everything she makes oozes coolness. I love the two Nina shirts she made for the twins. The fabric is perfect for summer. See more here.

The Lotte Martens Blog Tour

I am so excite to participate in the Lotte Martens blog tour. Lotte Martens is a Belgian textile designer. All the fabrics are designed and handprinted by Lotte Martens herself. Every fabric is one of a kind. I am humbled that I was asked to sew with such beautiful creations. The fabric came from their latest line, Party Animals.  I used Vuurdoorn 08. 

The Nina Pattern Tour, Day 7

Such amazing Nina bouses today! I am really loving this tour, and very grateful Claudia organized it! The Ninapatterntour 20% discount code is about to expire. It's good on anything you buy! Shop here.

I am in love with the whole look from Linnea of Lilla Gumma. Not only Linnea makes the most beautiful clothes, she also takes gorgeous pictures. Definitely visit her blog! Isn't her blouse just stunning. See more here.

Zoe is a super cool blogger from Belgium who currently lives in Malaysia. Her blog, Zowiezohandmade is full of stylish and trendy creations. I love how effortlessly cool her makes are. Love the whole look! See more here. 

Dagjort from By Dagbjort is originally from Iceland but lives in Norway now. She made quite a few of Coffee+Thread patterns and the results are always fantastic! Today is no exception. Love the bright and happy Nina. See more here.

I always love what Brooke of Idle Sunshine makes.  She comes from Australia and to me her makes are full of sunshine and happiness. See more on her blog.

Claudia, the organizer of the tour, doesn't have a blog, but she does have an awesome Instagram account, She is from Germany and sews for her daughters. I love everything she makes, it's always practical yet cool and trendy. Absolutely in love with the two cool Nina pattern remixes. Awesome! 

The Nina Blouse Pattern Tour, Day 6

I love how different and fun the Nina blouses are today! If you've never used any of Coffee&Thread patterns, this is a good time to try! Take 20% off your total purchase with the 'Ninapatterntour' discount code.

First up is Barbara of Lilliepawillie who is originally from Belgium, but they moved to the US about a year and a half ago. And recently they have moved again, this time to Trinidad & Tobago! I am in love with her Nina, it has such cool Caribbean vibe! I can't wait to see more. Go here!