I am Olga, mother of four children, a designer and an expat from Ukraine.  I blog at Coffee +Thread , where I share my love of sewing and creating.  To purchase patterns go HERE. I learned to sew in high school where we were required to draft and sew a night gown and a pair of underpants. Both were made out of woven fabric since knit was not readily available in the Soviet Union. The results were not pretty. My real love for sewing began with the arrival of Burda Style magazine in the late 1980s. I am pretty sure if I dig through my mother's fabric stash I would find a few unfinished projects of mine. I rediscovered my passion for sewing and creating a few years ago when my oldest daughter turned two.

Random facts about me:
 - I was born and raised in the Soviet Union. My father was a party official.
 - I came to the United States when I was 23 as part of cultural exchange.
 - I have eaten the same breakfast - oatmeal with raisins and brown sugar - pretty much all my adult life.
 - I am very introverted, though that's usually not the impression people have of me.
 - My husband and I were kicked off a train in Belarus on our way to St. Petersburg, Russia. 
We didn't realize the train was passing through the Belarus and neglected to get visas. Oops. Lesson learned.
- I think cilantro is the root of all evil. Celery is a close second. 

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  1. Your bio makes me laugh. I love cilantro AND celery. And have had the Vasilisa top for ages but haven't made it. Now that I 'know' you, I will!


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